Friday, August 9, 2013

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding Archs & Altars

For years we’ve heard it over and over, how couples everywhere are madly in love and “running for the altar.” In 2003-2004 when for a short time LGBT couples were allowed to marry in San Francisco, couples from all over the country raced to San Francisco altars everywhere to do what they finally could, marry the person they love.  For a moment, let’s realize the amount of intimacy that pours over wedding altars all over the world. A couple stands before their priest, officiant, minister or friend, and promises to love one another for life. It’s romantic and sentimental all at the same time. While traditions of the past suggest wedding altars refer to weddings in a church, the induction of the modern wedding now dictates it could be anything we dream. If you are a fan of the outdoor/backyard/garden wedding, then you will require the use of a wedding arch (really just an outdoor altar) which can essentially be made up of anything. I read about a couple who shares a passion for literature and created an arch out of vintage books, how fabulous is that?!? Altars and archs can be creative, colorful, bohemian, religious or rustic, you decide. Creativity is key and remember to reflect your couple personality.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Layla + Eric: A Classic Berkeley Wedding

The wedding of Layla and Eric was filled with romance, laughter, and tradition, perfect for a couple who is  head over heals in love. This wedding was classic Berkeley beginning with the wedding party getting ready at the jazzy quarters of the Hotel Shattuck, to Layla and Eric exchanging vows in the plush hills Berkeley is known for, and ending in a fantastic party at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Layla chose an amazing color scheme of blush pink and platinum which worked well with the location she chose for her reception. The decor was clean, modern and very enchanting. We achieved this concept by using soft pastel roses in mercury holders, vintage milk glass vases filled with antique roses on the cocktail tables, and vintage framed table numbers. What made it complete was the beautiful relationship between Layla and Eric that made every single one of us in attendance fall in love all over again. The wedding party was absolutely lovely and as you will see in our gallery of images, this party had no shortage of personality. I myself had the most amazing time planning this wedding and as you experience the photos, I am almost certain you will feel the love too. 

This wedding could not have been possible without the collaboration of some great wedding industry professionals. I would like to give credit to the following who were involved in this glorious occasion. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sexy Wedding Food

When it comes to styling weddings, there is no shortage of details to account for. Aside from making sure these details are all lined up, you must also think about the execution of them. That is where I come in, to put on the finishing touches. Wedding planners think of styling down to the last detail. Recently I came across this photo which I thought was to die for: 

It exhibits a great idea for styling the food you serve at your wedding. Here we have a charcuterie plate using a turquoise color base and I love the way the neutral colors of the bread items contrast wonderfully with that bold color. Along those same lines, the color of the meat adds a rustic feel to the whole package. Using this as inspiration, I wanted to cover tips for making your wedding food sexy. Weddings these days offer a fun spin in which anything goes, so why not up the sexy factor of your food by keeping these food styling tips in mind.

Think of the Color Scheme

I don't think I know a single person who isn't fascinated by food. The smell, the taste, but the color is one way brides can have a little fun, following the same idea as described above. Whether you plan on a vineyard inspired wedding and want to serve say a variety of cheeses on rustic wooden platters, well think about how much that ups your sexy factor.

Small Bites

Growing up my mother always stressed the importance of being a lady and that included taking small bites of food and chewing like a lady. Let’s face it, small bites make us feel small, dainty and beautiful. What’s fantastic is that we are in a finger food phase and you can find single servings of just about anything your little heart desires.

Anything on a Stick

There was one time when foods on a stick were considered tacky, but boy has that changed these days. Chefs are now coming up with sophisticated and beautiful ways to present food and easy neat ways to eat them too. I am a fan of food on a stick, think about how fun and easy and sexy your guests can all look while eating something sexy like lamb lollipops. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wedding Edibles

Cake Pops by Sweet Lauren Cakes
Photography by Sonia Savio
At the turn of the New Year I enjoy keeping an eye on developing trends. What floats around the blogosphere begins to set the pace for the turns new trends will take in the coming year. More recently I’ve enjoyed the direction that couples have chosen to go when it comes to wedding favors. We are documenting a move toward gourmet edibles, small delicious tastes of products that make the lucky consumer’s mouth water. We’re seeing pretty packages decorated with monograms, matching wedding palette colors, and creative motifs all worked into great wedding edibles. Think of the grand possibilities: a collection of chocolate covered strawberries, s’mores kits with designer marshmallows, or homemade salt water taffy. Check out some of the amazing ideas we fell in love with. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breath of Fresh Air: Baby's Breath

Long gone are the days in which we considered baby's breath a simple "filler" flower. These tiny white blossoms have gone from a supporting role, to starring as their own feature attraction. This flower is small and dainty, but when used in bulk the effect you can create is magical, and not only perfect for a winter wedding, but also perfect for any type of celebration you may have in mind. Arrange large bundles into pretty vases for your table settings, construct show worthy baby's breath wreaths, or go modern and create your bridal bouquets using just baby's breath. Because they are also white, they provide a palette for which to arrange other pops of color around it. The possibilities are endless, especially when you take a look at the great examples we have to share in today's photo gallery.   

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ruffle Those Nuptials

Ruffles are fun, flirty and when it comes to weddings, can be used in a variety of ways. When you use them moderately, they can add some pep to your design concept. To begin planning your event around the idea of the ruffle, make sure you don’t fall into 1980’s ruffle overload, too many is way too much and when it comes to a more challenging piece like the ruffle, follow as Coco Chanel would say, “Less is more. Step back and remove one thing.” Ruffles are very versatile and not only can you reflect them in the style of your wedding dress and shoes, you can create some really great effects using the right linens, get eco with it by using ruffled paper and simple origami techniques, and just wait till you see how gorgeous cake makers create beautiful waves of ruffles on wedding cakes. You will fall in love with today’s inspiration gallery.

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